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Anonymous asked: Your jewelry is amazing!

Thank you very much, i really needed to hear that.

Isolite and Jade Bracelet with seed beads asking $14.00
Red and gold glass bracelet $20.00
Black and gold glass bracelet $20.00
Smokey Quartz, Turquoise, Amber, jade, garnet. anklets, price tag on each $12.00 
Amethyst and Hematite necklace price tag $20.00
Here is a beautiful Black and green necklace with a toggle clasp closure and cute Pegasus charm, asking price $20.00





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frenchpatrick asked: 03/21/14 Thanks so much for following me, my dear friend. You are very "welcum" aboard on "frenchpatrick". As for me, it's something that I do as much as I can, thus feel free to have (or not) an overview of the over 30,900 posts of my archives. I hope that we'll enjoy a long travel together & I'll do my best to deserve this pleasure. May you have a LOVE-ly day, with my kindest regards. XO

Thank you so much for writing me, i really appreciate all the work you do and all the hotness you bring to tumblr.

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