Sitting on cloud ten.


forget about the problem starter. hugs
Awwwww omg! :3 who gave me dis hug!!! :3

To all my furry friends I love you♡♡♡♡

chasesblogoffurriesandfun said: How do u make such beautiful things :o

I make it and put it up here for sweeties like you to comment on, thank you for commenting. *Noses*

bloodstainedsekirei said: Your follow is very appreciated <3 thankyou hun

You are more then welcome, i have been looking for more furries to follow on here.

Amethyst and silver

Anonymous said: Your jewelry is amazing!

Thank you very much, i really needed to hear that.

Isolite and Jade Bracelet with seed beads asking $14.00
Red and gold glass bracelet $20.00
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